Recently there was an app from the folks that do Hipstamatic where you literally buy film (number of images you can take) which you share amongst your friends to have everyone adding to a group of photos. Interesting idea getting mixed reviews.

Now, Sincerely has added their version to the ‘disposable’ mix, called Dotti. An app that is loaded with ‘film’ to take 12 images. Dotti stresses that it has all the sounds and feeling of the old disposable camera. Including, what you shoot is what you get. The free app lets you take 12 pictures, then offers to print/mail those to you for $4.99 (in the US). You don’t have to have the images printed, but until you do you can’t reset the 12 image counter. As well, there is no exporting of the images to touch up in another app.

It’s an interesting idea to get printing business. The only issue I have with Dotti’s concept is that I use Sincerely printing in other apps already like Postagram. Sincerely is a plug-in of sorts that app creators can put include in their app so that people can have prints created of what they have on their iPhone. The other options I use for photo editing allow me to touch up the images and doesn’t lock me to 12 till they are printed, I choose what I print when I want to print.

Still, some folks might get a kick out of the ‘old disposable camera’ feel of the app… I’m just too picky with my images to go back to the days of printing everything I shoot. I have a 35mm camera for that.