Getting through task lists on the iPhone, my way using SlickTasks

There are a ton of options for managing task lists on the iPhone. Many work very hard to look like their old paper counterparts, others attempt to find a different way of helping with your task lists. I have for a long time been using ToDo by Appigo. It works well for sharing my lists across multiple devices and family members. A rethink on how things should work was Clear that I covered earlier. Those two are also great examples of the extremes.

What I have been looking for is a way to have all of my work and personal lists show on one overview, have multiple layers deep of tasks, sort/search and better sharing of different lists. Recently, I started playing with SlickTasks, which hits a lot of my ‘wants’. Since it is Free for the day, I thought it was a good time to mention it.

What SlickTasks doesn’t do is collaborate or share with others. What it does do is let me have a task within a task within a task within… it just keeps going as deep as I need. After using the ‘+’ to set up a task, tap the task line to add another item at the same level, an item one deep, delete the line or Detail to fine tune. Just to say again, I can have a project, with a list of tasks, with a list of people/family members inside of any of those tasks and each person can have a list of tasks. ¬†“=Happy!!!”

Each line item can be enhanced as needed. The Due Date, Style for line coloring, Priority and Tagging is fine tuning that helps see what needs to be done now or can be pushed off till the next time I have a chance to tackle it. Off the bottom of the screen shot below is the ability to email the task to others.

Near future due dates show on the screen. As well, icons that there is a note attached to the line item. Everything can be color coded overall, by group or at the line level. I like little icons on lines to say what group a task falls in which SlickTasks doesn’t support, but the color coding seems to work much faster to set up and reference. Tap a check box to have a line placed through the item as completed.

All of the lists can be collapsed. Also, everything in SlickTasks is drag/drop. I am able to re-order the lines or groups of items. Also, each line can be moved from group to group just by dragging to where it needs to be. Alters warn of dated tasks and priorities.

Switching from the Outline view to the ToDo view, SlickTasks lets you view your items as you have their due dates set, by their Tags (business, work, client, home, shopping, etc…) and their Priority. This way I can see the items I need to get done for the day no matter what list of projects they fall under. It is much easier to move from item to item this way than only viewing a project at a time, having to jump from one to the next to see what else could be done at that time.