Free Retro German Alarm Clock… on the iPhone

I seem to be leaning towards the classics lately. Keeping things simple and more single purpose to avoid over complication. There are many apps I use every day that have so many features that I find I am using a tiny part of their full potential. Sometimes, this means having to tap past or look past extra items on the screen.

This evening I came across a simple alarm clock for the iPhone that caught my eye. The developer is offering their “German” creation, Alarm Clock One Touch for FREE right now.

The face of the clock is clutter free so it’s quick to see the info I need… the time!

If an alarm is needed, I can just drag the little green hand to when it should happen. Just like my old little desk/bed clock that showed me the time and gave me an alarm when needed… simple.

Turning the alarm on/off, tap the dot in the upper left corner of Alarm Clock One Touch, it turns green when the alarm is active. If using the clock as a night stand clock, swiping down the screen will lower the brightness.

Alarm Clock One Touch shows the time in Landscape view too. As well, the alarm will work if you jump to another app and forget to return… of course the one touch green dot has to be on.