While the update isn’t a major update of features, the free ESPNF1 app received a speed increase update today. Just in time for the Canadian event.

I use the app when I can’t be by the TV for an event or on Qualifying Saturdays when I’m out and about. The ESPNF1 app does actually give regular updates, but they are hidden a bit. A few folks I work with mentioned it so I thought we may want to take a minute to drive down to where they are.

The opening screen for ESPNF1 shows if an event is live (Practice, Qualifying and Race). During an event is shows the lap standing and number of laps completed over total.

From this opening page, you can choose across the bottom to view ‘News’ articles, the event Calendar, Season Standings… and ‘more’ (videos and settings). The ESPNF1 app’s ‘News’ is full articles and not race tidbits.

Choose ‘Calendar’ to see the list of events. Notice that today’s event is marked live. Choosing the ‘Live’ event opens up a whole world of real time event updates!

Inside of the Event area for that race is where you find the order the cars are currently running (Live button) as we the ‘Commentary’ area is lap by lap highlights. Neither of these require hitting the refresh button as ESPNF1 updates per lap on it’s own. These features work even if the event isn’t being shown on TV by ESPN. There is no additional charge for these updates!

If your not familiar with the track or need to know a spot being mentioned, just to the ‘Circuit’ option at the bottom. ESPNF1 gives you data on the track layout, history and other vital info on the event.