Elmo and Friends Hiding in the iPhone

While I have not handed my iPhone over to anyone as tall as my belt line is high, I have enjoyed some quality play time sharing screen taps. That was a bit ago and we spent the time drawing in colors to great fun little doodles. Much easier than carrying a box of crayons and stack of paper on the plane.

I wish they had Elmo wrapped up in an app for the iPhone like they do now. It’s no slouch of a program, weighing in at 114 megs. Once you launch Elmo’s Monster Maker, the size makes a lot of sense. You (er, the child in your life) will be given a choice of faceless monster friends, each with a bit of uniqueness. Once you choose, you can then cycle through noses, eyes, mouths and hats till you have the combo that matches your mood or fun time plans.

You can tap the monster friend to get a few different interactions, you can choose to snap a picture that will be available in your photo album (yup, I used one of these snaps in a postcard I sent out for a birthday invite), you can have your monster play with Elmo, or it can just dance and sing on it’s own.

No, the app wont take notes for you in a meeting and it wont figure your finances, but it sure brings a chuckle in those long meetings. Double check the volume on your iPhone before you choose to launch Elmo when in the quiet conference rooms.

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