A limitation we have been working around with Documents To Go is it only gathers documents from it’s desktop app.. The desktop app is very nice, works well, and free. Since the desktop to iPhone connection has required the two being on the same WiFi network, some folks can’t set this up or in the case of business uses is limited by IT what is on that network.

GoodReader has become a great option for viewing documents which can be grabbed from anywhere since it allows the movement of your documents via DropBox. This is viewing only… often the need to edit and share back out is very important around the office. Now, Documents To Go Premium has been updated with DropBox and Box.net – both free services that give you a virtual USB stick. Just drag files from your desktop to one of those services, grab those files with Docs To Go on your iPhone, view/edit to return to the cloud to share with others or use again on your desktop. What can be wrapped up in a sentence is a important feature for anyone that needs to stay connected to their documents anytime and anywhere.

The full list of items in this update:

– Box.net support
– Dropbox support
– Unified Document Search
– Search files by name from all DocsToGo sources
– Search box is available on the application home screen when scrolling up above “Local Files”