The camera on the iPhone has always been a lot of fun at parties. Now, on the iPhone 4 it is easier to actually be in the pictures you take too. The video is handy too, but I will cover that later.

Today I wanted to mention a fun app I found that I took to a party Saturday night, Pocketbooth.

Have you ever been in a photobooth? Usually at fairs, usually medium size malls and most bowling alleys. They are fun with friends as you squeeze into a little closet of a room and the machine snaps off a series of pictures. Little or notice is given when the automated system is going to snap a picture so the resulting little strip of images are very candid.

Pocketbooth brings that fun to the iPhone. People will be wanting to nab your iPhone to play. They can choose to use either camera, tap the button to start and seconds later they have a strip just like the old Photobooths. (photos below are from the developer, I didn’t think my guests wanted their ‘candid’ shots up on the site)

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes settings you can use to fine tune the expirience: How many pictures taken in the strip, paper type, b&w/color and the time between the pictures captures.

Pocketbooth also allows different methods of saving and sharing of the image strips. Saving to the camera roll is great for you to play with later, but I found most often the folks that borrowed my iPhone emailed the image strips to themselves. Some of course posted up to Twitter or Facebook.

We were talking about grabbing a new Touch and putting it in a little box to make it into a portable photobooth. While it ended up being very popular, I really don’t need my iPhone getting bounced around the room as everyone gets a kick out of Pocketbooth.