There are three options on the market right now that till allow you to ‘tune’ your iPhone camera via add on lenses. This is the review of one that is a snug protective case from Griffin that has a lens allowing the iPhone to take close up picture clearly.


Your first reaction may be that you don’t ‘need’ to take close up pictures. But, you may want to take a closer look at how your using your camera now. 


For group shots or pictures of landscape, all is good. Try to take a picture of a piece of paper or a scratch on your car and you get a slightly out-of-focus usable-ish picture.

The Griffin ‘Clarifi‘ is a two piece black case that fits very tightly to the iPhone, that allows access to all the buttons and connections you normally will need. The product comes with a self stick (easy to remove if needed, leaving no sticky behind) screen protector as well.


Over the iPhone camera lens is a slider that has a close up lens in it. You slide the small door open to use the camera as you normally would. When the time comes to get a clean image of a fine detail object you slide the lens ‘closed’ over the built in camera lens.

Here is two images taken close up – first is the standard lens and the second is with the Clarifi lens.


 – This lens might prove to be just the thing needed for bar code apps. Currently, the iPhone can not take a clean enough picture of a standard product bar code for applications to use. With this enhancement, we may see more apps giving us the ability to snap a pic of a bar code that will then feed to a service to give us more information like where to the buy that item for less.