I was sitting in a rather painful meeting last week regarding work processes for another group. The presenter was trying to fit it all into a spreadsheet. It had items with sub items that where indented but didn’t look right on another person’s computer. The meeting then turned to just doing a big text document. Because some paths wrapped back to another path, the document was starting to have many sections repeated over and over again.

A thought hit me to try iThoughts on my iPhone… it worked! Most folks think of iThought as a mindmapping only solution but really it works great for anything that has steps in a path and especially well when paths need more info than just a word or two.

Works in portrait and landscape views:

Any of the boxes can contain additional information either by using the button in the lower right corner or tapping on the box.

Tapping a box on the iThoughts work area brings up more than just editing of the box text. This is where you can quickly change the color, adjust the shape of the box, add an icon and set start/due dates.