You may remember, the GLIF was a mount that slips onto the iPhone 4. One way goes around the corner of the iPhone so it can be held on a tripod, the other is a lip to allow the iPhone to sit on the desk for movie viewing. The final seems to flex just a tiny bit more than the 3D print so it is fitting on my iPhone that has a vinyl skin on the back.

The 3D print version was mentioned not long ago. Well, the guys sent the final and my iPhone hasn’t left the tripod since. Time to wrap up my night shots I have never been able to stand still enough for. I’ll post those up later this week.

The finish work is very nice with detail in the areas that hold the iPhone and mount to the Tripod. Since this is an injected plastic piece, there is a rough area where the excess had been trimmed off of the final product. Nothing distracting, but wanted to be clear that it was seen but not concerning.

For now, here is a few shots of the GLIF (