As the iPhone developer’s platform mactures, applications are divided between not doing enough, doing everything you need and having way too many features? This hasn’t been a question in the last few years, especially with applications not being able to share data across each other. Now, there are enough options, a user has to decide what they are actually needing an application to do to be useful before making a purchase. An area like ‘Notes’ has options that are too limited to be truly useful all the way to ones that have so much detail that it takes too long to get anything simple done, like entering a quick reminder note.

Today, if you are looking to do basic ‘work’ on your iPhone, some time should be spent exploring the options in the area of your needs. Research will result in apps that do just what you need, within a few limitations, to get work done via your mobile device.

Case in point, The Logo Creator application. It offers functionality at the level you would expect from a handheld UI without over complicating while still having enough power to make it worth a person’s time to use.

Many clients do well with a rough drawing of ideas to get things started. Those can be meetings around a whiteboard or professional sketches with pen. There are the other clients that can’t get past the pen and need to see something ‘real’. Logo Creator is a pretty powerful drag-n-drop logo creation tool that has been around on the Mac desktop for years (they are currently shipping version 5.2).

Now, on the iPhone, there is a Logo Creator app that allows you to take your ideas and rough them out very quickly between meetings or while riding mass transit. There is no need to take out your notebook, logos can be put together and saved as images with your finger.