I take a lot of pictures of fun things I see and fun events that I want to share with friends. While sending those pictures via email or posting on a blog is fine, both carry limitations. Emailing means your friends aren’t able to comment on the image as a group. And, posting up to a blog carries charges and has ongoing management that must be done.

There are a couple ‘free’ options for sharing pictures and videos taken with your iPhone with your freinds and family.

For pictures, the Clixtr service and iPhone app are both free. Original released as a way of multiple people being at an event and sharing their own views. Clixtr is now a great way of posting pictures grouped by location or event that can then be shared with friends or everyone. Images can be used taken with the Clixtr app or from the camera roll. If posting to the Clixtr service isn’t enough, you can also share out through Twitter and Facebook.

Sometimes a picture doesn’t tell the whole story so a video is needed. Justin.tv offers a free app and a free online service to share with friends and family. In the case of Justin.tv, it does not have to just be recorded video. The Justin.TV iPhone app supports live streaming of everything your camera is grabbing. Your friends are able to ‘chat’ live with you to let you know what they think or give you tips what they want you to stream. A lot of fun, and actually handy for business meetings too!

Store your Justin.TV videos online for free:

Friends and family can comment while your streaming video: