Scouting with the iPhone 3Gs

Part of what I do daily is scouting out locations and situations. This can be for a conference location, an acquisition or even just for fun.

Years ago I would do a document on finding, usually distributed via a PDF. Then, as snapping pictures and editing them on my Mac got quicker, I moved to pictures. To represent the atmosphere, I would use FotoMagico that allowed me to sweep across images with the Ken effect, stitch multi images together and add background music.

With the iPhone; quickly snapped images, panoramas via Pano and recordings could be brought together while traveling back to the office with just my iPhone and a Macbook. Usually these came together, still using FotoMagico, in less than an hour.

Last week I found a new option that is a hit to pull my location review together and send, completely on my iPhone. No need to upload to my notebook for editing, and easy to do even on the iPhone screen size. The app is ReelDirector.

This iPhone application allows you to make better use of the video camera of the iPhone 3Gs. I record bit of video as I walk through the location. Just quick bits of video snippets. In ReelDirector, you can select the videos you want to stitch together. Instead of just one clip starting suddenly where the previous ends, the app allows for 27 different transitions. Also, to get my point across without me having to be in the room with the person viewing the final video – I can add and edit text that can be overlaid directly in the video. Finally, getting the final video out to my audience, I can sync to my desktop via the camera roll or eMail directly from the iPhone.

reel director reel director 2

The UI for ReelDirector is quick to learn. Across the top of the screen is the multiple clips you have added end-to-end. The lower, majority of the screen, is what your working area. Text add/edits and Transitions are done on special edit pages. Since this app allows work to be done normally requiring a computer, it isn’t surprising it isn’t 99 cents – currently the application is less than 8 dollars.

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