Do you manage a Web site or several sites? Do you use Google Analytics? If you have a site and don’t use Analytics, you really need to start – the simple interface tells you a ton about who is visiting your site, where they go, why they are there and if they return.

As I have mentioned before, I manage a bunch of Web sites. It is very important to know where our hits are coming from and it because of our site or because of other sites. And of course, how many visitors at any given time. The info is easy to get to via your Desktop/Notebook browser. It isn’t readable on the iPhone though.

Until the introduction of the iPhone app: Analytics App

With this application on your iPhone, you can see your site visitor information from anywhere… very quickly. If you own any Web sites, use Google Analytics and buy Analytics App !

This screenshot if from the programmer’s site – as you can see the info is actually very easy to see on the iPhone screen:

After you enter your basic account info (author of the program says this info is only on your device, they don’t store it for privacy reasons), your normal Google Analytics list of sites comes up. Click on any site to get a very long list of reports. Choose one and you are presented with a scrollable screen of up to the minute information. Now you do not have to sit in the office to monitor the latest link or marketing results.

My plan is to go into the report list in detail over the next day… for now here is the list of reports (taken from the developer’s site) that the program supports.

29 Available Reports

Overview Reports

  • Today (Dashboard report of Today)
  • Dashboard
  • Visitors Overview
  • Traffic Overview
  • Content Overview
  • Event Tracking Overview
  • Goals Overview

Visitors Reports

  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Visitor Recency
  • Length of Visit
  • Depth of Visit
  • Browsers and OS
  • Languages

Traffic Reports

  • All Traffic Sources
  • Referring Sites
  • Search Engines
  • Keywords
  • Non-Paid Keywords
  • Paid Keywords
  • Adwords Campaigns
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Versions

Content Reports

  • Top Content
  • Content by Title
  • Top Landing Pages
  • Top Exit Pages

Event Tracking Reports

  • Event Categories
  • Event Actions
  • Event Labels
  • Learn more about event tracking from our blog

Custom Reports

  • Unlimited Custom Reports, just create them in Google Analytics

See Analytics App in Apps Store here…