Cleaning up Whiteboard and Text images

I am a fan of being able to snap pictures anytime as a great way to remember things later. Easy of use, availability, and quality of the results makes the iPhone a natural data collector. As time has passed though, I have been trying to do my best to clean those quick snaps up for later quick reference.

Filters, both manual and auto have worked well, but the images are generally still s bit out of sorts since I am not usually able to get a straight on picture due to room size or layout. Enter; JotNot (link opens app info in iTunes).

JotNot presents what appears to be an over simple user interface where you tell the application where the corners of the actual content is – then the app makes the right adjustments to produce what I find very usable reference images that I use myself or can share with others.

In my example here, we were traveling when a F1 race happened that my wife and I were interested in. Walking through the cafe next door to our hotel the results of the event popped up on their TV screen and I snapped a very quick shot.


Opening the image in JotNot, I touch and drug the corners of their guide box to the corners of the out of shape box of text in the picture.

IMG_3018 IMG_3019

Seconds later I had something that was easier to read without the extra content that was not important and everything trued up.


This is an example of how fast JotNot does it’s work with the default settings. The screen shots below shows how you can tighten up how the application handles different types of images – pictures vs a Whiteboard, etc…

IMG_3020 IMG_3021

I will post up images of how well it works for actual Whiteboard images – all that I have on my iPhone now have company sensitive info…

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