In a previous post we discussed how to adjust your iPhone to go longer between charges. If your like me and like to watch movies on long plane flights then expect to call, email, and use maps for hours after you land – you may need to be able to carry a bit of extra energy.

Here are four of the many choices you have. These four represent ways to go longer between having to plug into a wall outlet with slightly different philosophies on how to get your there.

First off it two companies that produce hardware that is commonly known as ‘sleds’. These are devices that the iPhone slides inside of. They allow the iPhone to run much longer, neither of which actually charge the iPhone. Think of it as adding an extra battery via a bit of thickness to your phone.

FastMac has its iV Extended Battery, and pictured here is the Juice Pack 3G ($100). The Juice pack adds to your current usage:  Standby Time – Up to 350 hours; Talk Time – Up to 6 hours on 3G | Up to 12 hours on 2G;  Internet Use – Up to 6 hours on 3G | Up to 7 hours on Wi-Fi; Audio Playback – Up to 28 hours; Video Playback – Up to 8 hours




A new addition to your options is the PowerLink from Macally ($50). The smallest in this group. The device is a USB dongle that will hold 2 gigs of information from your computer like a normal dongle. But, it also holds a charge and has a iPhone plug on it. Like all of these choices, the PowerLink has LEDs to show when it is charged. You can plug the PowerLink into your computer and your iPhone into the PowerLink to charge both at the same time. When the PowerLink is plugged into the iPhone and not into a computer, it extends the usage of the iPhone. Like the sleds, it doesn’t charge the iPhone so if you a very low battery, this will extend the usage time but if you unplug it from your iPhone your back to where you were when you plugged it in. 


The next two are both from Richard Solo. 

First, the Aluminum 1200 mAh Backup Battery ($50). Also avail with a flashlight built in for a few dollars more. This device comes with a wall plug to USB charger. You can charge the 1200 mAh and the iPhone is all plugged together. A feature that above two do not is that when it is plugged into the iPhone and not the wall… it is charging the iPhone to extend the usage even when the 1200 mAh is unplugged. “The polymerized lithium-ion battery can be recharged over and over again for several years and will not develop “memory”. There are three color LED lights to show you the status of the charge.” —Richard





The Second is the much more robust Richardsolo 1800 ($70). The unit is similar to the 1200 mAh in that you can charge the iPhone while it is plugged in, but carries 1800 mAh to get a much longer usage of your iPhone. has 1800 mAh of capacity, which is enough to completely charge your iPhone, and have reserve power left over. It is the only battery available that actually “latches” onto your iPhone, and a support brace is included to make it super secure.

In the box, you get a complimentary 110-240 volt AC Wall charger, and also a dual-USB car charger, and a retractable USB cable. So you can charge it at the wall, in your car, from your computer, and you can charge them both at the same time. Connect the RichardSolo to the iPhone, then connect the RichardSolo to the charger, and charge both with one charger.