Free Wallpapers

Here are a few free Wallpapers for your iPhone and Touch we have created for you to use. Tap a thumbnail below to see the full size review image. If you wish to use one, download the image from this page (Tap and hold if viewing with iPhone or Touch, right click and save to desktop if viewing from a computer). Enjoy!


We kindly ask that you use these for your own please. Tell your friends about this resource if you would like. Please do not sell these images, we still own them and are not releasing any rights for others to make a profit from, they have been created for you to enjoy.

Click here for instructions on how to make any of these images a Wallpaper

Click here for instructions on how to download images from Web sites directly into your iPhone’s Photo area.

Enjoy – we will be adding new images (including special Wallpapers for holidays) weekly.

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