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I thought it was time to update the ‘about’. This page has moved from a few authors, who have moved onto other iPhone projects to just me. I’m having a great time so I wont be leaving anytime soon.

The site is all about things for the iPhone I see, play with, like and hate. You will notice I take a lot of screen shots to best explain what is going on with an app or hardware I’m using. Developers are limited in what they can put up on their description in the iTunes store, and many don’t do much of a product Web site either. This site might help you stop making a lot of blind purchases only to find out it isn’t all you hoped it to be.

For developers that I do not give a glowing review to their products, this is only my opinion based on how I use the software and my iPhone. I do actually ask around my circle of friends and coworkers for their thoughts. I hope the site helps you understand how your app is being used so you can tune it to your audience. Let me know if you do and I will happily do another review or update the earlier one.

There is a ‘contact’ form below for anyone on the site that might want to share your thoughts with me. Let me know if there is an app or type of app you would like me to take a look at.

You may notice that I do a lot of photo app reviews, as well note taking reviews. Those are the two things I do with my iPhone constantly. I don’t play many games, but my friends let me know what are winners and what are not so I will share those opinions here too.

Hope you find this site helpful with your every day use of your iPhone!

Thanks again for your valued time!

Let us know if there is anything you would find helpful for us to document here.

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