Paper is a fun and very useful sketch app on the iPad. Rather than rethinking how electronic pen/paper should work, the developers duplicated the joys and pains of the limited physical world we all still live in.

Since no one needs to do more than type notes or draw very detailed art on our iPhones, there has been no match for the iPad Paper available for the iPhone. Till, Draw Book came along. The app is truly, ‘in progress’ but it is a lot of fun to use it the way it is right now. Draw Book lets you zip out those quick little creative sketches when you need to say it in pictures. While the app has plenty of power to do detailed images, it’s best suited for doing what you would normally on a small pad of paper.

When a work paper is on the screen, there is a small ‘+’ at the bottom of the screen, centered. Tapping that will bring up a toolbar for quick access to undo/redo, color picker and writing/drawing tools. Select a tool to select, tap the screen to close the bar to work on a clean screen.

Selecting any of the writing tools will give you access to adjust how the tool ‘writes’ on the screen. The thin/thick stroke of a pen sure helps make any sketch better than just a thin solid line.

Selecting the ‘open book’ icon on the upper left corner takes you out of the work screen to a view of the notebook your working inside of. As well, all the pages in the notebook are flowing out to the right. Sweep through the pages to select on for viewing or future editing. The ‘Guide Book’ in Draw Book says you can sweep through the pages in a notebook using two fingers, the feature never works for me, I always go up to the notebook level to jump to another page.