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Kickstarter, anytime and anyplace… now an iPhone app

When someone has an idea for a electronic gadget, a film, a photo project, a play… just about any great idea, they can post the idea to Kickstarter and ask others to give them money to see their dream come true. Most projects on Kickstarter offer backers something in return for giving them your hard earned dollars. A few dollars can be a thanks or name mention, a bit more will usually result in one of the project end items as a major discount from what the product will be when the public can buy. Sometimes, rewards will be special versions.

A few twists is that the person or group posting their project to Kickstarter has to set an amount that must be met in order for the project to be successful. If they don’t reach the requested amount, no money is exchanged. If they reach or exceed, those that promised the money will have their credit cards automatically charged. The project owner will get the money a few weeks later with a handling charge removed by Kickstarter. Now, it’s up to the project owner to actually create and ship what they promised. Sometimes, there are issues in their best laid plans and the items ship late or not at all. A person never gets any ownership in the project owner’s company or product. By being part of crowd funding via a service like Kickstarter, a person get’s a reward for giving money, while the project owner will carry onward with their product. Hopefully, a lot of people putting a few dollars will impact many others in a positive way.

On services like Kickstarter, there is the fun of looking through the projects. Most have nicely done description videos and images of the proposed finished work. To have a bit of fun looking through projects or track a project a person is backing via the Web site, Kickstarter has released a Free iPhone app!

01 Kickstarter iPhone

Select the the pull down from the top of the page for quick access to the top level groups or tap a titled area to dig deeper into the projects around your interests.

02 Kickstarter iPhone

Selecting a project results in access to view a video as well as a longer description. Like the Web site, the Kickstarter app provides access to see more about the creator of the project, the option to watch the project updates without pledging and the ability to share the find with others.

03 Kickstarter iPhone

After you watch the video and read about the project, scroll down to see the different Pledging packages. Picking one will take you to the screen to set up a credit card that will be charged when the project wraps up.

04 Kickstarter iPhoneThere is an overview of a person’s backed projects too. Kickstarter handles messages and conversations between backers and project owners. This is a handy view for looking at the timing of projects and the type of projects a person is backing via a pie chart. A lot of people putting together just a few dollars each really counts up quickly to help a dream become a reality.

05 Kickstarter iPhone


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