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For designing the next great iPhone app, or just fun note taking

Ever have a great idea and not do anything about it? I have a lot of them, enough to fill up several notebooks. Then, when someone does one of the idea, I compare if it is as I would have done it or did they have a bigger vision. Usually, I find that people put out a lite version of what I was thinking, but they got it done and available for all to use.

One of those ideas, but I’m happy to say ‘done well’ is a notepad that mimics an iPhone screen. No, not those pads that have the home button and speaker part of the iPhone printed on the pad. I always wanted just the screen part of the iPhone to draw design idea, but still have the frame around the paper, not part of the drawing area. So, someone can see just what I’m talking about for the UX, not all the extra area around it, confusing the message. My thinking is that the frame may change so design without the need to be in a round or square outer body. Who is to say what the next iPhone hardware will be around the screen.

Oh yea, the solution I found. They are called Sticky Jots Mobile Kit. While you can order bits and pieces, the ‘kit’ for $20 comes with:

1 Mobile Base + 2 Mobile Sticky Pads + 1 Storyboard Sticky Pad. There are 50 sheets per pad. Each Mobile pad has a handy dot grid pattern for easy sketching. Each base is made out of chipboard.

If you aren’t in the need to design the next great iPhone app, the unit is still fun to pull out of your shirt pocket to jot down a quick note using a real pen.

Sticky Jots Note Pads


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