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Fashionable iPhone Cases can be slick – the Grip solution

While my iPhone accessories are all about maximizing it’s use at work and photography, my wife likes to mix functionality and fashion. She works in the technology areas of antiques and fashion. It means she will sometimes have to give up on function for recognized fashion. One of those recent changes was the need to go from the slip resistant and enhanced protection case to a thinner fashionable case.

01 eGrip iPhone

While she was happy to have the logo’d case on her iPhone as she headed out to an event, it didn’t take long for her to notice that the iPhone was harder to manage as the case has a smooth outer edge. Looking around a bit, I found eGrips from Flexible Innovations.

02 eGrip iPhoneThe kits are available for different iPhone models as well as other mobile devices. Each kit is a collection of slightly squish-able materials that have a sticky side, but to match the needs of the particular device.

03 eGrip iPhoneThere are grippy stick on bits for all edges of the iPhone. As well, small squares for the corners of the face and a full cover for the back. The back cover can be seen through but is not completely transparent, which means if you have a skin on the back of the iPhone you want to see, the view will be slightly muted. The corner cut out around the camera/flash is a nice feature, though it has to enlarged a bit if you use a OClip lens pack like I do. I will be using the back sticker myself since I have a tendency to have to sit my iPhone down on surfaces that are not level.

For my wife, we just installed the eGrip edge bits so there is no impact to the visual impact of the case yet now it is very much less slippery.

04 eGrip iPhone


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