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Dodo brings the iPhone and a writing paper booklet together into one nice pocketable package

As hard as I try, I am not able to replace all of my paper needs with my iOS devices. The negatives of paper notes is that they are hard to share and previously created notes are hard to carry with me everywhere. But, the iOS screens still don’t have the precision of a fine tip pen on a pad of paper.

Dodo, the folks known for their wood framed iPad cases, has done a nice job of letting me take a pad of paper and my iPhone with me as a single unit, without the bulk of a big folio case. I’m not talking a about a little pad of paper with rip out pages, rather the Dodo solution is a stitched booklet that is nicely sized to be able to write on with a pen. To tie the an iPhone to a booklet of paper, a second layer of card has been added to the cover and a band to hold the two together.

01 Dodo iPhone5

04 Dodo iPhone5

The booklet has the classy touch of a ‘please return me to’, I hope if I do loose this it is only the pad and not the pad/iPhone together! The paper is thick sheets in a slight tint to it which is always easier to scribble on than bright white.

03 Dodo iPhone5

The iPhone 5 is held tightly in the cut-out area with the yellow elastic band. Sliding in and out is snug but not uncomfortable. Interesting, I am using the pad more with my newest version iPad Touch. The touch is used at the office, delivering me appointment reminders, email and text message over the wifi network. The band is still tight enough to hold the Touch in place, and the pad is handy for those quick hallway thoughts. I then photograph the pages and shoot them off to my Evernote account. It all works together nicely.

07 Dodo iPhone5


08 Dodo iPhone5


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