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Create and Test your great app idea simply by drawing it

I posted recently about a fun iPhone pad that had a sticky notes of paper the size of an iPhone screen. Like I said, great for fun not taking, as well as serious app screen layouts. Just when I thought the handy tool had a long term place in my workflow, I stumbled on a kickstarted project for a one better for those that are looking to make their app idea an reality.

The project is AppSeed. The best projects are those that make things look so simple because they have the users side covering all the hard work going on in the background. In this case, sketch iPhone screens of your app idea on a pad or whiteboard, then snap photos of those screens with your iPhone using AppSeed. The software separates all of the elements, which means the box that is a drawn button is a push button and the map is a map, etc… Since each item is a element of it’s own, it can be moved around. Actions can be assigned to each element. But using AppSeed, a person should be able to see how their app idea will flow before anyone ever creates a single line of coding.

appseed screen

Your creation can be shared with other people as an HTML5 prototype. Also, your screens can be exported from the iPhone app to Photoshop to replace drawn element with your final art. There is only a couple days left to get the AppSeed Kickstarter pricing.


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